01 August 2021   |   Company

ONG&ONG and Rankine&Hill (Singapore) Top The Charts in Digital Maturity Study

We are proud to announce that in a recent study conducted by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IDMA), ONG&ONG and Rankine&Hill (Singapore) have garnered an incredible Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) score of 96 points out of 100.

The assessment was done by the Boston Consulting Group using various methodologies to determine where a company stands in terms of digital maturity. Their study takes into consideration multiple factors including the ability to digitalise core functions like operations, support functions and what we can offer our clients. Additionally, it also looks at the company culture in relation to digitalisation, digital growth, how we leverage the power of data and technology and the integration of digital ecosystems.

It is reported that both ONG&ONG and Rankine&Hill (Singapore) got perfect scores when assessing whether the business strategy was driven by digital technologies. And in this regard, our vision, ambition, priorities & alignment and roadmap were all perfectly angled towards a digital future.

According to the report, we are also considered leaders in our industries when it comes to digital maturity. Our score of 96 represents a vast lead over other local and top global SME respondents in the sector which have an average score of around 25 and 50 respectively.

The report also indicates that the investment in digital maturity pays off in the long run. Their estimation is that champions of digital acceleration see more than 10 per cent growth in market share, more than 15 per cent impact on EBIT and a 15 per cent average ROI from digital projects.