27 December 2021   |   Company

ONG&ONG and IMMORTAL win Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Awards

The ONG&ONG Group is proud to announce that two of its projects won GOOD DESIGN Awards, often hailed as the oldest and the most Prestigious Awards Program. The Dremien Collection, Eco Ardence in Malaysia won the award under the Environments category while the dementia-friendly wayfinding project at Chong Pang City and Khatib Central in Singapore won under the Graphic Design category.

The Dremien Collection is a cluster of bungalows, semi-detached and linked houses located within the gated, mixed-development enclave of Eco Ardence. Privacy, comfort and security are among the perks enjoyed by the residents. Strategically configured for a conducive living environment, the spacious homes with bright, airy interiors and louvred windows offer ample room for families, complete with manicured lawns and a private car porch for each unit. A modern sanctuary for holistic living with a touch of sophistication, the Dremien homes are thoughtfully conceptualised to suit contemporary lifestyle needs.

The Dementia-Friendly Wayfinding project was designed by IMMORTAL in keeping with the Singapore government’s initiative to enable ageing in place, allowing seniors and those afflicted with dementia in navigating around their neighbourhood safely and independently. Building upon research to ascertain the needs of the elderly and dementia patients, the resulting wayfinding solution involves zoning areas by colour and symbol, as well as developing a signage system that allows easy spatial recognition. The residential blocks were sectioned into zones and each was assigned a bold colour – either red, green or blue. The zone colours were painted on the facade of the blocks, along with block numbers prominently displayed in large fonts, making them highly visible even from a distance.

The GOOD DESIGN Awards programme celebrates its 75th Anniversary next year and is presented by Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and Metropolitan Arts Press. Each year, awards are presented to the most innovative and cutting-edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world.